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An Intracompany Transferee L1 Visa permits your organization to bring employee from your overseas office to your U.S. Company. The U.S. business can be established as a parent office, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary of a foreign company. L1 visa also offers foreign company that wants to open a business in the U.S. and needs employee(s) in the U.S. to administer the U.S. business.

Types of L1 Visa

  • L1-A: The L1-A allow Managers or Executives to transfer to the U.S. and serve in a similar capacity for the same organization he/she worked in foreign company. In order to qualify, Managers or Executives must have been working for the qualifying organization for at least one continuous year out of the three years prior admission to the U.S.
  • L1-B Visa: The L1-B Intracompany Transferee category allows foreign company to transfer its professional employees with specialized knowledge in the U.S. The employee must possess specialized knowledge related to the business of the Company such as products, services, management, procedures, techniques, and research.

The USCIS require a detailed L1 business plan to get approved for the visa. BPlanwriter is an expert in drafting an Intracompany Transferee L1 Visa Business Plan and has provided professional services to various startups, entrepreneurs and small and medium sized entities in drafting L1 Visa Business Plan.

What you can expect

We critically analyze your requirements and help you in drafting L1 Visa business plan.

L1 Visa business plan from BPlanwriter includes:

  • Consultation: A one-on-one consultation (online/telephonic) with you regarding L1 Visa business plan requirement.
  • Business Plan: Digital copy (PDF or Microsoft Word) of your business plan.
  • Size: 25-35 Pages
  • Time frame: 10-15 working days

Overview of your

L1 Visa Business Plan

Business Plan Overview

  • Executive Summary
  • Projected Financial Highlights
  • Funding Summary and Utilization

Business Description

  • About the Foreign Company
  • Role of the U.S. Company
  • Products and Services Description
  • Business Model

Management Team

  • About the L1 Applicant (Intracompany Transferee)
  • Positions to be created in the U.S.
  • Third Party Advisors
  • Organizational Chart

Operations & Marketing Strategies

  • Operational Strategies
  • Go-to-Market/Marketing Strategies
  • Demographics and Location
  • Milestone

Market Research

  • Industry and Market Analysis
  • Demand Determinants
  • Major Market Segmentation
  • Barriers to Entry

Competitive Analysis

  • Local Competitive Analysis
  • Major Industry Players


  • SWOT Analysis

5-Year Financial Projection

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Revenue Forecast and Assumptions
  • Personnel Forecast
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis

Sample L1 Business Plans

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