Let’s experience personal satisfaction by getting a unique business plan designed by our professionals. Many investors are looking for an opportunity to thrive in the US. However, before applying for the E2 visa, representing a strong, meaningful, and compelling business plan to concerned entities is much more critical as it is a prerequisite document that the US immigration department asks you to submit for your new venture. This document illustrates the proposed investment and serves as the foundation upon which immigration authorities will decide whether you should be granted a visa. Most investors aren’t aware of how much the E2 Visa Business Plan Cost, but we will explain in this blog according to the recent financial disclosure.

What is the E2 Visa?

If you’re willing to establish a new business or operate an existing one in the United States, applying for the E2 visa might be the best opportunity to earn in a strong and developed country. Although in this non-immigrant visa category, you do not get a green card, individuals from treaty countries should invest more than $150,000 to get the visa. Make sure your investment also makes a significant contribution to the US economy.

Perks of Being an E2 Treaty Investor

Once you present your credible Immigration Business Plan to the US consulate, there are several benefits you can enjoy while working or living in the US.

  • Legally living or operating your own business in the US.
  • Allows people to travel across the US without restrictions.
  • This is a great chance to renew your two-year E2 visa if your business looks sustainable and functional. 
  • No fixed threshold is required for the investment as long as the investment is considered substantiated. 

An Estimated Average Cost for E2 Visa Business Plan

Crafting a business plan all by yourself costs you no bucks, but at the same, you might need more than what you need to stay focused on your goals and the timely results. Shaping your vision in the plan will be challenging, and showing off your plan with insufficient information about your industry would be a significant setback. This type of document involves research and financial projections and requires time investment. Therefore, the most suitable option is to acquire a professional to write your business plan.

However, take the services from a professional Business Plan Writer. He will charge you a hefty amount for creating a convincing business plan to qualify for an E2 visa at the US embassy.

The amount of your E2 Visa Business Plan Writer charges depends on various factors, some of which are given below.

  • Experience and expertise of the writers you hire,
  • The specific requirements of the US consulate, 
  • The size of your project, 
  • And the duration, such as when you want your project to be completed. 

Nevertheless, on average, most professional companies charge between $800 and $2,000 for the E2 visa business plan.

The more complicated and extensive your project will be, the more the writer will charge you for the time required and the effort it takes to create a comprehensive business plan.

A small business with a simple investment structure will likely be cheaper than a business plan for a renowned multinational corporation with multiple investment partners and intricate financial analysis.

Additionally, the specific requirements of the US consulate can also affect the cost of an E2 visa business plan. Some consulates may need more detailed information or documentation than others, which can add to the plan’s overall cost.

Further, by taking service from any freelance writer, you could pay as little as you want compared to Business plan writers costwho cost more than someone offering the services independently.

A business plan drafted by experts and experienced team writing matters a lot. A business plan writer with extensive experience creating E2 visa plans and a better understanding of the US immigration system may charge more for their services than a less experienced writer. So, investing in a high-quality business plan can be less time-consuming, yet it offers excellent chances of obtaining an E2 visa.

It is important to note that this estimate is also based on the needs or features you want added to a business plan, such as market research or financial forecasting. These special services can sharply increase the cost of an E2 visa business plan. If no particular research or tools are required, it will be cheaper. It’s entirely up to you.

Although spending money on an ordinary writer may save hundreds of dollars, it also causes you some terrible and additional expenses. A business plan is an integral part of your E2 visa eligibility. With your application for an E2 visa, you need to include an E2-compliant business plan.

A poorly written business plan may fail to highlight company objectives and strategies. It will also affect your image as a business owner. It may question your viability that you need to have more potential to run the business successfully and implement financial goals. Eventually, this can make it difficult to get future visas or attract investors to start and expand your business.

After closely examining the dependent factors due to which the cost price of a business plan varies, you are now ready to make a move to decide whether you should hire an independent writer who offers services at lower rates than professional business consultants who will write a comprehensive and well-prepared business plan. You can give yourself the best chance of obtaining visa approval and successfully launching your business. Also, consider that a poorly written business plan could cost you much more in the long run, and the application could be delayed or rejected.

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