Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are given below:

1    Acceptance of Terms: By accepting this document you will agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the User Service Agreement (“Agreement”) in relation to our website (“web”). The contract will constitute the sole and comprehensive agreement between the two parties the service provider (“us” or “bplanwriter.com”) and the customer (“you” or “client”) and will supersede any other terms, conditions or warranties from the past till the time of acceptance of the terms. This contract can be amended at any time by us from time to time without specific notice to you. New contract will be updated on the web, and you should review the contract prior to using the services.

2    Terms of Services: Our time of processing may vary between 7 to 12 working days to deliver the first draft business plan depending on the individual customer’s requirements and receipt of necessary information to complete the draft. Any information provided to us by the client will be considered to be accredited by the client to be true and use of that information is legitimate by us on behalf of the client. Any copyrighted, proprietary or registered trademarked information provided by the client is considered accredited by the client to be his property and its use by us for their business plan is legitimate. Bplanwriter.com will bill you only for the services you might have purchased from us. All government fees and liabilities are responsibility of the client.

3    Payment Terms: The payment will be processed in two equal installments i.e. 50% in advance, 50% at the time of releasing the first draft. The payment will automatically be charged as per the above terms. Details of all the services will be provided in a invoice, which will be emailed to the registered email of the client. Any other services availed during the work duration will be charged advance in full, details of which will be given in the final invoice.

3.1    Please contact us at our contact number +1 (512) 521 1557 (US/International) or +61420531362 (Australia) in case you have any concerns regarding the billing. Your query will be reverted at our earliest. Or you can drop as an email at info@bplanwriter.com. Delay in payments may result in delay in delivery of work and additional payment processing service charges.

3.2    In case of past due balances, a late payment fees of US$50 will be levied per month. After 60 days the customer will reported to the credit agencies and the case will be handed over to collection agencies, the cost of which shall be borne by the customer.

3.3    No refunds will be processed once the order has been accepted by bplanwriter.com. In addition, in case no availability of customer for more than twelve (12) week days or skipping more than two (02) appointments or completed information is not provided within 10 days of the stipulated time, in such cases the complete consultancy will be due and payable immediately. However, request can be submitted for refunds with genuine reasons. Based on management decision a refund after deduction of services fees will be made on approval from the management.

3.4    In case of availing the partial services and discontinuing the whole sum of consultancy will get due immediately. The performance of service shall be suspended, if there is any major breach of terms of agreement, nonpayment within stipulated time or the provision of service being unlawful, under any applicable law, ordinance, rule or regulation. Suspension of performance will not affect the terms of the contracts. The payment will be due on suspension. Bplanwriter.com will not be liable for any refunds in case of termination of the agreement.

3.5    Client agrees to provide bplanwriter.com rights to use their name, image without any license or royalty to be used for the purpose of marketing and promoting the business.

3.6    In case of any uncooperative or abusive client, the company reserves the right to terminate the contract. In case of any such termination refund will made according to the status of work in progress solely based on management’s assessment.

3.7    In case of any dispute, disagreement, a dispute may be raised on the contact details provided on the company’s website. Best efforts will be made to sort out the matter.

4    Confidentiality Clause: Confidentiality of the customer information is our foremost priority. In order to ensure customer confidentiality, strict measures have been taken and stringent controls are built-in in the system to ensure that integrity of customer data is not compromised. Customer support in this matter will also be required. All the customers are requested to follow company policies regarding data security and sharing guidelines. Any change in the mode of correspondence and any contact detail should be communicated in real time to the company. All the possible steps will be taken to ensure customer data confidentiality.

Product Terms:

5    Business Plans: Our writers put in their best efforts to produce high quality and effective business, financial and marketing plans as well as any other business writing such as proposals and grants. We try to achieve the maximum efficiency to ensure minimum cost to the clients. The quality of information provided by the client is equally important in delivering high quality products to our customers. The business plan will solely reflect an idea of your business, your policy, organizational structures, your developmental plan. An advice on business model and organizational development is based on a firmly voluntary or personal basis and will not be included in the services; neither the company will be liable for it.

5.1    Well-constructed business plan is directly linked with the quality of information and ideas provided by the client to us. Therefore, success can’t be guaranteed in case of private foundation, government or any other party. What is guaranteed is a high-quality business plan from what information is provided by the client.

5.2    Financial projections in the plan will be based on the information provided by the customer, In case of no information is provided by you, the projection will be based on similar structured and similar industry businesses benchmark.

5.3    Three time revisions is included with the business plans however, the same should be communicated not more the 15 days after the first draft. Any other request will be assessed and decided upon by the management on case to case basis.